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The Pins & Needles Art Quilters group is a neighborhood circle formed from members of River City Quilter’s Guild.We meet once a month to exchange information about art quilts, to share and critique our work, to pursue exhibitions and competitions, and publishing options. We currently have over twenty dedicated members from varied backgrounds. We challenge our group monthly to try new techniques, or themes, to explore mixed media options, and to share new discoveries.

Our group’s work is regularly shown at the River City Quilter’s Guild annual show in Sacramento, California. Our members’ work has also been shown at several national and international shows, as well as in local venues.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

January 2016

Show and Tell
Sharing art and quilts we are making and have finished

BJ Bailey showed us her revised and finished Collage Quiltlet.
BJ also showed her spider's web, dripping with beads.

Artist: Jan Soules
Jan shared some trim and hand-dyed fabric experiments.

Kim Sikes made this in a Lenore Crawford workshop.

Kari Bauer made this in the same workshop.

Sandra Torguson hand-dyed this fabric using Shibori techniques.
Sandra also shared a book she had made years ago in a Bay Area art books group.

Special guest, retired CSUS Art professor Gwen Amos, showed us some of her newfound passion for quilts. 

Elizabeth McInnes shared a hexagon quilt she had made previously. She decided at the time that since the floral images were small, she could make the hexagons small. She said it was an experiment she won't try again!
Elizabeth also shared this quilted shaped leaf bowl.

Log Cabin Reveal
Our Log Cabin Challenge was to make an art quilt using some version of a Log Cabin Block, within the size range of 12"x12" to 18"x18", and with one wonky side. Here are our talented group's Log Cabins.

Artist: Kari Bauer

Artist: Sheila Green
Made with dupioni silks, paper, and found objects.

Artist: Joy Valenton

Artist: BJ Bailey

Artist: Phyllis McCalla
Artist: Phyllis McCalla
A dimensional pillow.
Artist: Phyllis McCalla
Phyllis was on a roll!

Artist: Linda Bergman
Linda also made a pillow, using Civil War reproduction fabrics, and traditional Log Cabin blocks.

Artist: Jan Soules
Using some of her own hand-dyed fabrics, Jan made shattered window blocks, and hand quilted the entire piece.

Artist: Kim Sikes
Log Cabin blocks interpreted literally!

Artist: Sandra Torguson
Sandra embroidered the center, and added many of her own hand-dyed fabrics.

Artist: Gwen Amos
Gwen made multiple Log Cabin blocks. Does this one have a knot within one strip?
A collage of the many pieces Gwen shared.

Artist: Lori Wisheropp

A floor collage of all our Log Cabins!
Thanks for viewing our work!

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  1. The blog is looking terrific... we are one talented group.
    I'm eager to see what everyone does for our next challenge.
    See you soon.