About Pins & Needles Art Quilyting

The Pins & Needles Art Quilters group is a neighborhood circle formed from members of River City Quilter’s Guild.We meet once a month to exchange information about art quilts, to share and critique our work, to pursue exhibitions and competitions, and publishing options. We currently have over twenty dedicated members from varied backgrounds. We challenge our group monthly to try new techniques, or themes, to explore mixed media options, and to share new discoveries.

Our group’s work is regularly shown at the River City Quilter’s Guild annual show in Sacramento, California. Our members’ work has also been shown at several national and international shows, as well as in local venues.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

California State Fair 2016

Our small group of quilt artists garnered at total of 14 awards and ribbons at the 2016 California State Fair Home Arts competition.

Denise Schmidt
Second Place

Jan Soules
"Pop Corn"
First Place

Jan Soules
"The Maze"
Third Place

Jan Soules
"Out of Africa"
First Place
Best of Division - Kit Quilts

Connie Horne
"Dark Blue Bag"
Second Place

Connie Horne
"Crazy Patch Ensemble"
Second Place

Sheila Green
"Baptism Dress"
Second Place

Sheila Green
"Sakura Origami"
Second Place

Linda Bergman
"Birds and Baskets"
Second Place

Linda Bergman
"Island Blossoms"
Third Place

Penny S. Hanscom
"Klimt in Red"
First Place
Best of Division - Art Quilts

Penny S. Hanscom
"Portals II"
Honorable Mention

Monday, September 19, 2016

Curves Challenge - July 2016

Our challenge for the July meeting was an art quilt any size between 12"x 12" to 18"x 18" with the theme of "Curves." Eight artists made nine pieces, using many techniques with spectacular results!

Artist: Joy Valenton

Artist: Sandra Torguson

Artist: Sandra Torguson

Artist: Lori Wisheropp

Artist: BJ Bailey

Artist: Elizabeth McInnis

Artist: Marie Nelson

Artist: Jan Soules

Artist: Penny Hanscom

Thursday, May 12, 2016

March 2016

Show and Tell

Connie Horne modeled her "Aboriginal Coat Ensemble", which was on display at the "Sisters Quilt Collective" in Oak Park, where Connie was the featured Quilter.
The inside of Connie's coat, dot-painted by her, in the style of Aboriginal art.
Artist: Jan Soules
wonky insert-cut trees
Artist: Penny Hanscom
 Art quilt for "Big Names Small Art"
to be auctioned at the Crocker Art Museum.

Experimental Quiltlets
When we are between challenges, we hone our skills by experimenting with various art quilt techniques. This month we experimented with Threadplay.

Artist: Elizabeth McInnes
theme: figs
Artist: Helen Burke
theme: mushrooms
Artist: Joy Valenton
Threadplay added to last month's painting experiment.
Artist: Sandra Torguson
"Bead Soup"
couched beads
Artist: Sandra Torguson
mixed media with threadplay
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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Sisters Quilting Collective, March 2016

Our own Connie Horne was the featured quilter at the 2016 Sisters Quilting Collaborative show, held in Oak Park, CA, March 18-20, 2016.
Connie's favorite quilt, of her son Walter.
"Fiber of Slavery: Strong Women Picking Cotton"
made and quilted by Connie Horne, 2007
"Faces of Diversity"
made by Connie Horne, quilted by Henny Archer, 2007
"New Orleans Jazz Band"
made by Connie Horne, quilted by Amy Shotwell, 2010
Connie's very first quilt, made at the request of her son.
"Hearts and Patches", quilted by Henny Archer, 2001
"Asian Vase"
made by Connie Horne, quilted by Michelle Morrison, 2016
One of Connie's most recent quilts,
"One Man Can Change the World"
quilted by Michelle Morrison, 2016

This quilt and below are just a small sampling of the dozens of amazing quilts by the rest of the members of the Collaborative, a feast of color, movement and stories.
Above: "Queen Naomi, Queen of the Fat Fat Babies"
exhibited by Gladys Unimuke Wilburn
Close-up of beaded hat on one of the "Dancing Ladies" (bottom above)
Exhibited by Jeleana Johnson
"Oriental Challenge"
Exhibited by Marilyn Lacy
"Gees Bend My Way"
made by Fredi A. Slaughter Walker
quilted by Elisabeth Baratta
"Shadow Walk Cape Verde"
Exhibited by Gladys Unimake Wilburn
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