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The Pins & Needles Art Quilters group is a neighborhood circle formed from members of River City Quilter’s Guild.We meet once a month to exchange information about art quilts, to share and critique our work, to pursue exhibitions and competitions, and publishing options. We currently have over twenty dedicated members from varied backgrounds. We challenge our group monthly to try new techniques, or themes, to explore mixed media options, and to share new discoveries.

Our group’s work is regularly shown at the River City Quilter’s Guild annual show in Sacramento, California. Our members’ work has also been shown at several national and international shows, as well as in local venues.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Our Members Show at the Folsom Quilt and Fiber Guild, 2014

The Folsom Quilt and Fiber Guild, as always, put on display some of the finest work by very talented artists. The art quilt display was especially stunning. A real treat and inspiration for us all. 

Two of our members entered quilts in this annual show. 

Artist: Susan Sprague
Title: Herons

Susan says: This is from this year's Folsom Guild silk  screening workshop. I love the feel of the river at night!

Artist: Susan Sprague
Title: Color Wheel Star

Susan says: This quilt was started in a Jan Krentz class on spiral stars and was finished to go into my studio.

Artist: Susan Sprague
Title: Life in a Drop of Water

Susan Says: This was done this year in Carol Waugh's Folsom Quilt and Fiber Guild workshop on Stupendous Stitching.

Artist: Susan Sprague
Title: Totem Runner

Susan says: This celebrates the love of wild things shared by me and the woman this was made for.

Artist: Susan Spicer-Carmona
and Patty Clausen
Title: Favorite Colors

Susan says: A simple pattern - Yellow Brick Road. At the 2012 Folsom Quilt Show I ran into a childhood friend, Patty Clausen. We barely recognized each other. After learning se had a long-arm machine quilting business I gave her a quilt top to quilt and am happy.

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