About Pins & Needles Art Quilyting

The Pins & Needles Art Quilters group is a neighborhood circle formed from members of River City Quilter’s Guild.We meet once a month to exchange information about art quilts, to share and critique our work, to pursue exhibitions and competitions, and publishing options. We currently have over twenty dedicated members from varied backgrounds. We challenge our group monthly to try new techniques, or themes, to explore mixed media options, and to share new discoveries.

Our group’s work is regularly shown at the River City Quilter’s Guild annual show in Sacramento, California. Our members’ work has also been shown at several national and international shows, as well as in local venues.

Friday, August 29, 2014

August Sharing

We shared our "Show and Tell" projects, and other good news.

All of Them ... Cowboys
Artist: Peggy Sahmaunt

This piece was created as a result of my not-so-successful mansearch over a period of 5 or 6 years in my late 50s.  It stems from a desire for people, men especially, to be more up front, forthright if you will, about themselves.  Wearing a decorated cowboy hat or scarf would separate the men from the boys, if you get my drift.  That's my photo in the center, a little out of focus, dolled up with a flashy necklace.  They're all behind me now!  Yahoo!!!
(Peggy preferred not to disclose the results of her search. We did ask!)) 

Linda Bergman's latest embroidery.

Jan Soules has two quilts published in this book, coming out soon

Jan Soules also shared the results of her recent hand-dyeing

Hidden Worlds Challenge Reveal August 2014

 We have spent the last few months contemplating (the hard part) and completing the Hidden Worlds challenge where we were to imagine, and then design, a piece depicting something that normally can't be seen. 

Hidden View
Artist: Sandra Torguson

The quilt began with brush lettering of a quote on white fabric which was then cut into squares. Each piece was painted using the Gelli Plate technique. Both the front and back sides are seen in the final piece.

Artist: Susan Spicer

Artist: Peggy Sahmaunt

The little 6"x 6" piece is lovingly called "MacGuts", as it is what is inside my iMac at home.  I was gratified and validated to know that some of the bead groupings actually looked like resistors to one of the quilters who is quite knowledgeable about computers.

Artist: Lori Wisheropp

Flying towards the Light
Artisit: Kim Sikes
I love to draw nature and chose to use moths as the theme of this quilt.  I camouflaged most of the moths in darkness showing only a shimmer from their wings; however, one large moth breaks into light.

Artist: Kathy Orsburn 

My inspiration was a photograph of microscopic crystals of vodka.  I used raw edge appliqué, fabric wrapped discs, unusual yarn,  and woven surface design for the background to emulate the photograph.

Artist Kari Bauer

Artist: Kari Bauer

These two pieces (Mac and the above PC) were inspired by my son, who designs programmable computer chips.
The materials included copper tape, copper washers, beads and metallic floss.

Artist: B.J. Bailey

Artist: Elizabeth McInnes

Artist: Denise Schmidt

 Because California is experiencing a drought, I chose to use groundwater as my hidden element. The quilt is pieced and raw edge appliqued. The background piece was completed and quilted separately before the feature piece was completed and pillowcased, then sewn onto it, giving a dimensional effect. 

I was pleased it was juried into the New Quilts of Northern California exhibit at PIQF! 

Three by Helen Burke
The 18”x6” tomato piece.  Title:  “The Worm Wins”,  shadow dyed background, inked tomatoes, applique & threadwork. 
The 6”x6”, Title:  “Magic”, inked fabric with metal embellishments. 
The 12”x12”, Title: “Skelton in the Closet”,  Clip art printed on fabric, applique, quilted.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Pins and Needles at the Crocker Art Museum

We are proud of our members whose work was included in the new exhibition at the Cocker Art Museum in Sacramento, Ca.

This exhibition celebrates the beauty and history of quilting, and showcases quilt masterpieces that are examples of the most iconic quilt designs and techniques spanning two centuries. the Crocker Art museum is the sole West coast host to a quilt collection of national importance.

River City Quilters' Guild members' work was displayed in Crocker's Quilting Corner.

1992 California State Fair Quilt
Under the direction of President Lil Erl and project chairman Jaime Watson.
Quilt design, construction, assembly and finishing by Nancy McDonald
French Doors
Artist Laurel Anderson
Sacramento Skyline
by members of Pins and Needles Art Quilting:
Lori Wisheropp, Denise Schmidt, Sunni Hamillton, Judith Imel and Helen Burke